How to Connect Tv to Temporary Home Internet

If you are reading this, then you want to know how to connect TV to temporary home internet and this can be done in several easy steps. In this guide, we will take you through the step by step process on how you can do this. 

You can get a temporary internet dongle from wifihire to connect tv to wifi for temporary use if you are in the UK and looking for how to hook internet up to tv. As one of the best temporary internet service providers in the United Kingdom, our prices are very affordable and we can deliver the device to any delivery address in the United Kingdom. You can also connect the device to your smart TV.

How to Connect Tv to Internet Wirelessly

How Do You Connect Your tv to the Internet Using an Ethernet cable: 

Select the Ethernet port located on your TV’s back: Your TV and temporary home internet  can be connected using an Ethernet wire.

Link your TV and temporary internet dongle directly via an Ethernet connection: The first step on how to hook internet up to tv via ethernet cable is connecting the cable’s two ends to your device and your smart TV’s back port, appropriately.

Select Network Settings from the TV menu: The second step for you to connect Tv to temporary home internet via ethernet check your network settings and access the menu using the TV remote. Another name for this option could be Internet Connection or Wireless Settings.

Activate the wired internet connection option by selecting it: The next step on how to how to connect wifi to tv through ethernet is to get online right away after turning on this feature and connecting your TV to your temporary internet dongle. Check that the cable is functioning by testing it if you’re having problems connecting. A different Ethernet cable will be required if it isn’t working. 

Verify that you have the correct Wi-Fi password:  Because every password has a case, using an on-screen keyboard can be quite mistake-prone. Make sure your password entry is accurate by checking the Show password box, if it is accessible. This is the next step if you are looking to connect Tv to Temporary home Internet

Set the smart TV to restart:  Restarting your TV can help connect Tv to a Temporary Home Internet if it won’t connect. You can do this by; using the power button or remote to turn off the television, take the TV out of its wall outlet, give it a minimum of thirty seconds and re-plug the TV and turn it back on.

How do You Connect Your tv to the Internet Using Temporary Internet Dongle: 

Go to the menu on your smart TV: If you are looking at how to connect tv to temporary home internet wirelessly, you should first access the menu on your Tv. Access this with either the arrow pad on your TV remote, or use the Menu button. This may be referred to as Settings on certain remotes.

Navigate to the Network Settings: The second step on how to connect tv to internet wirelessly navigating the network settings. You might have to go through a few menus on some TVs in order to locate this part.

Navigate to Settings → General → Network on your device. This option can be accessed by a different name, such as Internet Connection or Wireless Settings, based on the make and model of your TV.

Establish a new wireless network setup: Establishing a new wireless network setup is the next phase on how to connect tv to internet wirelessly. On your TV screen, locate and choose the option to create a new wireless network connection. This should bring up a list of all the nearby Wi-Fi networks.

Choose the name of your Wi-Fi network: Choosing the wifi network is the next step if you are thinking of how to connect wifi to tv. To connect to a Wi-Fi network, use the TV remote. Your wireless password must be entered when requested.

Put in your WiFi password: The last step in inputting your passwords if you are looking for how to connect wifi to tv. You need to enter your wireless password using the TV remote. Your TV will set up an internet connection automatically after your password has been verified.

How to Get Temporary Internet Service

If you are looking for a service with a device that can help you connect TV to a temporary home internet, there are several temporary internet service providers out there in the UK. Nonetheless, renting temporary internet for a week or more is one of the best options, and you should not worry about how to connect wifi to tv as the device gives you the option for that.

As stated earlier, you can rent a device from Meanwhile, when opting for a temporary internet connection, make sure to review the terms and conditions as some may have data use restrictions, but ours doesn’t which makes us the best option for you.


You’ve successfully been able to connect TV to temporary home internet. From now on, enjoy the streaming experience, and may your connection be forever strong. Also, do rent a temporary home internet from us, if you are looking to get one.