Delivery Cost
Portable device: £8.99
Router Kit (for events, home & office internet): £12.99
Free return postage to return the device back to us at the end of your hire
Next Day Delivery (Urgent orders?)
We do not charge you extra for fast/Next day delivery. We automatically send orders received 2 days or less before the start date through Next Working Day delivery service.

Need device tomorrow(Next working day)? order before 3PM U.K time(Monday-Friday, excluding public holidays and Sundays), and the device would be dispatched through a “Next Working Day Delivery” service(no extra charge). Just select your start date, and it would be dispatched to arrive there by that day. You don’t need to select next day delivery or chose a special delivery option, we do this as our standard way of delivering packages to clients. Just place your order and we would dispatch it to arrive by the next working day(as explained above).

How long does it take to deliver
If you order at least 3 days in advance: It takes 1 to 3 days for our normal delivery of package to clients. If a package needs to be sent through Next day service, we do this automatically (you don’t need to contact us for this, you don’t been to pay any extra)If you order 1 working day in advance: Device will be dispatched through a Next Working Day delivery service.
Late orders that are automatically upgraded to “Next working day” through Royal mail delivery service(excluding public holidays and Sundays).

Email us if you have any questions

What if I’m only spending 1 night at my first hotel/address
It doesn’t matter how long/number of days you would be spending at your accommodation, we always aim to have the package arrive at your accommodation 1 day before you arrive there (customers that order 3 working days or more in advance). 

If you order less than 3 working days before your start of hire date, we would still aim to get your package to your delivery address by the start of your hire(start of hire date you selected) possibly through a next working day delivery service (this is done as standard, you don’t need to pay extra).

Where can you deliver to?
We deliver to “Any”(Yes Any) delivery address in the United Kingdom (it does not matter if its a house, apartment, hostel, B&B or even an office)
How do I return the device.
The package includes a FREE return envelope (already paid by us) for posting the device back to us just by popping it into “any” post box in the U.K before you depart for the airport. 

Please post it before you depart for the airport because the post boxes in the airport only accepts flat envelopes (for security reasons). There are red post boxes on almost every street in the United Kingdom, so you can put it into any post box before you go to the airport.

Do I Sign?
Where possible a signature is obtained.
What if I’m not in?
If you would be staying at a hotel/hostel, the package would be reserved at the reception of the hotel/hostel. If your address is a home or AirBnB address, the package would be passed through the letter box. 

But if it can’t fit into the letter box, the driver may leave a leaflet with instructions on how to collect the package from the local post office (normally a walking distance).

Email us if you have any questions

Airport Pick-up option & Pickup from Local Storage location?We can deliver your package to a selected number of local storage service companies. Sending and processing this option can take up to 3 working days. £8.99 delivery charge is added at the checkout stage to cover the cost of delivering the device to the collection point. Here are the location of the current storage service companies we use (Order needs to be made through our website before it can be picked up from any of the collection points) 

Heathrow Airport hire collection: Heathrow Terminal 3 post office, London Heathrow Airport (OPENS 7AM – 17:30PM: Mon – Sat)
King’s Cross Station collection: Post office, 17/21 Euston Road, London, London, NW1 2RY (OPENS 9AM – 18PM: Mon – Sat)
Euston Station collection: Post office, 17/21 Euston Road, London, London, NW1 2RY (OPENS 9AM – 18PM: Mon – Sat)
London Victoria Station collection: Post office, 6 Eccleston Street, London, Greater London, SW1W 9LS (OPENS 9AM – 17:30PM: Mon – Sat)

Email us if you have any questions or would like to pick up from other local areas