Can I Rent Temporary Internet Wifi for Days in the U?

Yes, it is possible to rent temporary internet wifi for days, you can also get temporary internet for a week. If out of curiosity you are probably thinking “can I get internet for 3 months”? The answer is also yes. These services are provided by numerous businesses for a range of needs, such as moving home, events, travel, etc.

Depending on the number of devices, length of hire, and provider, the cost of renting a temporary internet service without a contract could vary. To get the best offer for temporary internet wifi for days/ temporary internet for a week, it’s advised to review the costs and offers of several providers.

We provide a variety of rental durations since we know that everyone has unique demands. Our temporary internet service without a contract can be set to your chosen period of time; whether temporary internet for a week, temporary internet wifi for days, or internet for 3 months and more.

Regardless of how long you want to stay in the United Kingdom or how long you need the device if you reside in the United Kingdom we got you covered. Select from a variety of rental durations, to make sure you have internet access the entire time. This service is a temporary internet service without a contract, because you do not need any contract. All you need to do is rent the device for your desired period of time.

We provide several pick-up and delivery alternatives to ensure the smoothest possible experience for you. When you arrive in the UK as a traveller, you can easily pick up your temporary internet wifi for days from the airport or any Uk address. 

How Can I Return No Contract Internet?

Returning the no contract internet is very simple. For wifihire, before you head to the airport, you can mail the gadget back to us by simply placing it in “any” post box in the United Kingdom using the return postage envelope that we have already paid for. Because the post boxes at the airport only take flat envelopes (for security reasons), please mail it before you leave for the airport. 

Put the no contract internet in any post box before you head to the airport; in the UK, there are red post boxes on practically every street. If you live in the UK, you can mail back the portable wifi router UK by visiting any post office or placing it in a nearby post box. For additional details on the return procedure, see our FAQ section.

Why Should I Get Internet for 3 Months From Wifihire?

Wifihire offers one of the best rental options for no contract internet for 3 months and more for a number of reasons. So if you are probably asking “can I get internet for 3 months in the UK with our service? The simple answer is yes. Keep reading to learn why you should rent a temporary internet from us.

We work with 3 big data providers in the United Kingdom which helps us to give our customers the best service. We also offer convenient service if you rent our temporary internet wifi for days. You can easily select your rental dates, your selected device, and your delivery and pickup options using our online reservation system.

We take great satisfaction in providing user-friendly, high-quality mobile WiFi devices. We carry out routine maintenance and updates on our equipment to guarantee peak performance.

Furthermore, our customer service staff is committed to provide top-notch assistance, swiftly resolving any questions or issues. We provide rental plans with different lengths and budgets in mind. We offer flexible choices to match your needs, whether you need temporary internet for a week, temporary internet wifi for days, or you want to get internet for 3 months or more.

What is a Mobile Hotspot?

A mobile hotspot is a wireless portable router that works without wires, installs, or software to connect several WiFi-capable devices to the internet. Other names for it include MiFi, WiFi hotspot, pocket WiFi, portable WiFi, and WiFi router.

If you need a temporary internet for a week, you are looking to get a no contract internet, or maybe you want a temporary internet service without a contract, you can enjoy internet access and save money on data roaming fees by using a mobile hotspot.


Do note that the no contract internet device has an average battery life of 4 to 8 hours. We advise using the included adapter to charge your Pocket WiFi gadget in order to guarantee continuous use. You can use a power bank to recharge your smartphone if you’re using it outside. However, keep in mind that a power bank is capable of charging your device once or twice, so make sure to recharge the power bank first before using it to charge your no contract internet.