How to Connect PS4 and PS5 to Internet Wifi

If you are excited to learn how to connect PS4 and PS5 to internet wifi, you are in the right place. This guide is here to address ps4 wifi connection issues on your PlayStation, so your gaming experience can be awesome. Let’s dive in and make it a breeze.

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Why your PS4 and PS5 is not Connecting to Internet Wifi

Several factors could be causing your PlayStation’s failure to connect to Internet Wifi. Below are the most prevalent issues you might encounter when looking for how to connect ps4 and ps5 to internet wifi:

Wireless Internet Outage: The primary reason for your ps5 and ps4 wifi connection issues is often a disruption in your wireless internet service. This is generally the easiest issue to troubleshoot.

PlayStation Network (PSN) Downtime: The PlayStation Network (PSN) gaming service might be experiencing downtime. If you find that you can’t access online features in games outside of the network, it is possible that the PSN servers are currently down and this could be one of the reasons for your ps5 and ps4 wifi connection issues. Stay updated on the service status by checking the Sony website.

Timed Out Connection to the Server: During attempts to sign in or connect to the PlayStation Network, you might encounter an error message indicating that your connection to the server has timed out. This could be another reason for ps5 and ps4 wifi connection issues. This often happens when the PSN servers face difficulties communicating with your console, especially after waiting for an extended period for the screen to load or change.

Here is How to Connect PS4 and PS5 to Internet Wifi

Follow these steps to to learn how to connect ps4 and PS5 to internet Wifi:

  • Press the “Share” button on your controller until the “Settings” menu is displayed.
  • Scroll down to “Network” and click on “Set up Internet connection.”
  • Opt for “Use Wi-Fi” and choose your Wi-Fi network from the available options.
  • Enter the password for your Wi-Fi network when prompted.
  • Wait for the system to establish a connection to the internet wifi.

Once connected, a confirmation message will appear on the screen. You are now ready to play online games and access other internet-based features on your PS4 or PS5.

How to Connect Wifi to ps4 Manually Using Ethernet Cable

Follow these steps to ensure you learn how to connect to ps4 manually with ethernet cable for gaming success:

Gather Equipment: If you want to learn how to connect ps4 to internet with ethernet cable, do ensure you have everything you need. Basically, you’ll need your PS4 console, an Ethernet cable ( known as a LAN cable), and access to a Wi-Fi router.

Find the Ethernet Port: The next step on how to connect ps4 to internet is Identifying the Ethernet port at the back of the PS4 console. It’s usually located near the HDMI port.

Connect the Ethernet Cable: After locating the Ethernet port, the next step to take when looking at how to connect wifi to ps4 manually is taking one end of your Ethernet cable and inserting it to the Ethernet port on the PS4 console. Be sure that it’s securely plugged in to give a reliable connection.

Connect to Router: Next step when looking to learn how to connect wifi to ps4 manually is to take the other end of the Ethernet cable and plug it into an available Ethernet port on your Wi-Fi router. note that this connection will give the PS4 direct access to your internet.

Configure Network Settings: In some cases, your PS4 or PS5 will automatically detect the Ethernet connection and configure the network settings. However, if prompted, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

Once you have connected, navigate to the “Settings” menu on your PS4 or PS5 and choose “Network.” Thereafter, choose “Test Internet Connection” to ensure the connection is successful. When done, you would see a confirmation message indicating that your PS4 or PS5 is connected to the internet through Ethernet.

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