How to Connect Landline Phone to Wifi Router

To connect a landline phone to your Wifi router, you require a Wifi adapter specifically designed for your landline device. This adapter serves as a bridge, transforming the Wifi signal from the router into a format compatible with your phone.

So, you’ve got a trusty landline phone and a Wifi router, and you’re wondering, “Can these two dance together?” Absolutely! In this tech-savvy era, merging the reliability of a landline with the versatility of a Wifi router is a smart move. 

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Let’s dive into the steps on how you can connect your landline phone to a Wifi router effortlessly.

Steps on How You Can Connect a Landline Phone to Wifi Router

Check Your Equipment: Make sure your landline phone and Wifi router are ready to boogie. Ensure your landline phone is compatible with Wifi connectivity, and your router is up and running. The equipment you need are router, Ethernet cable, DSL cable for modem-to-wall connections

Locate the Phone Jack on Your Router: Find the phone jack on your Wifi router—it’s usually labelled and easy to spot. If you’re having trouble, consult your router’s manual for guidance. If it is a rented wifi router, reach out to the customer service of the internet service provider for help. 

Connect and Configure: Plug your landline phone into the router’s phone jack. Once connected, access the settings of your wifi router through a web browser. Navigate to the ‘Phone Settings’ section, where you can configure your landline connection.

Test the Waters: Make a call and ensure the connection is crystal clear. If there are hiccups, revisit the configuration settings and make adjustments until you’re satisfied.


Connecting your landline phone with a Wifi router is very feasible. Follow these steps, and soon you’ll be enjoying the seamless dance of communication without the traditional constraints.