Temporary internet for Home

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Get temporary internet for Home, short-term accommodation, holiday let to access unlimited data internet without needing landline connection. Just plug the router to a power source, switch it on, and connect any of your wifi enable gadgets to it and start accessing the internet.

You can hire this router get short term broadband internet on gadgets like game consoles, laptop, smart phones, tablets, e.t.c . The internet is fast enough for streaming Netflix, Zoom meetings, play games online.


**Product colour, shape and model are for reference only. The actual design, model and shape may vary.


Easy to use. Just Plug it to a power source, switch it on, and connect your gadget to it through WiFi. That’s it, you can start accessing the internet.

  • Unlimited Data (No Daily limit)
  • Connect up to 30 devices at the same time
  • No need for a landline telephone.
  • No setup required, just plug to a power source, and connect through WiFi.
  • Connect by Wifi (Wireless) or LAN
  • Free courtesy return postage label. Drop off at over 10,000 UK post office
  • Works with wifi enabled devices like desktop, iPads, laptops, printers, smartphones , Game console e.t.c
  • Fast broadband internet wifi solution
  • Stream movies online (EG: Netflix, Cast), zoom meetings, online gaming
  • Around 100 meter radius Wi-Fi distance
  • Delivery to any U.K Address through Royal Mail Special delivery
  • includes £50 refundable deposit that would be paid back into your account after the device has been returned
  • have a question? Email us: info@wifihire.co.uk




Additional information

Weight 0.400 kg

The device would arrive on your start of hire date (excluding Sundays and public holidays). Devices are normally sent through a “Next Working Day” Delivery service (Excluding Sundays & Public holidays) . So if you need the device tomorrow, and we receive your order before our last dispatch time today and the start of hire date you select is tomorrow, then we would aim to dispatch the package today so that you get it on your start date of tomorrow.

Our daily last dispatch times are

  • Monday-Friday: 3PM daily, U.K time (excluding public holidays and Sundays)
  • Saturdays: 10AM
  • No dispatch or deliveries are done on Sundays or UK public holidays.

Email us info@wifihire.co.uk if you have any questions

If your start date is a public holiday, we recommend ordering in advance and selecting a start date that is before the public holidays.

See our delivery information page for more details: https://www.wifihire.co.uk/delivery-information/ 

We expect the speed to be between 12MB per second and 60MB per second, although this depends on your location. 
Using Zoom: According to zoom, you only need 2mb per second for a single screen, so the device is fast enough for zoom meetings.
Watching Netflix/movies online: According to Netflix, you only need a minimum of 0.5mb per second or 3mb per second download speed standard definition (reference)

So the 12mb to 60mb per second is fast enough for streaming moves, making zoom calls, streaming Live events to the internet.

No you don’t require any technical setup or special configuration. You just need to

  1. plug the router into a power source,
  2. switch it on
  3. connect your wifi enabled gadgets to it

and that is it, you can start accessing the internet. No installation needed, no landline needed.

No you don’t need to have a landline installation for the temporary internet device to work.  

That’s one advantages of this temporary internet router / portable wifi internet device. You can basically plug it to a power source, switch it on and connect your gadgets to it through WiFi (just like a hotspot) and start accessing the internet through it. You can unplug it the next day drive to a different house or even outside (obviously not under the rain) and just plug to a power source, and start accessing the internet through it. It does not depend on landline or BT socket for it to connect you to the internet.