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temp moving home internet Wifi

Are you moving home or already moved home and need urgent internet access solution in your new home while you wait for Broadband installation in your home?

You have come to the right place. You can hire this router Kit and get internet on gadgets like game consoles(EG: Xbox, PlayStation), smart tv, laptop, tablet. The internet is fast enough for streaming Netflix, Zoom meetings, play games online.

Just Plug to a power source, switch on, and connect your gadget to it through WiFi. That’s it, you can start accessing up to 60MB per second internet.

  • Unlimited Data
  • Connect up to 30 devices at the same time
  • Free end of hire courier label for sending back.
  • No Landline needed

just want a portable device? you can hire our unlimited data portable device

Wifi Internet Router kit hire

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  • Please select the number of days you wish to hire the device for
  • If you are staying in a hotel, please provide name used in booking the room.
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    Please provide accommodation address. It can be any hotel, B&B, hostel,office,private house or flat in the United Kingdom. If its in the U.K, we would deliver it there.
  • Any UK address (E.G: home, hotel, B&B, hostel, private house or flat)
  • The £50 deposit would be paid back to your account after the Device has been returned in a good working condition. By submitting your hire, you accept our Terms and conditions

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Frequently asked questions

When do i get the device after ordering?

The device is sent through a “Next Day Delivery” service (Excluding Sundays & Public holidays). So if you need the device tomorrow, and we receive your order before 3PM today and your start of hire date is tomorrow, then we would aim to dispatch the package today so that you get it on your start date of tomorrow.

How fast is the short term internet?

The average speed is between 14MB per second and 60MB per second. This depends on your location.
Zoom: You only need 2mb per second for a single screen
Watching Netflix(movies online): you only need a minimum of 0.5mb per second or 3mb per second download speed standard definition (reference)

So the 14mb  to 60mb per second is fast enough for streaming moves, making zoom calls, streaming Live events to the internet.

Do I need to configure or set it up?

No setup or configuration needed. All you need to do is plug it to a power source, switch it on and that is it, you can connect any of your WiFi enabled gadgets to the router and start accessing the internet. No installation needed, no landline needed.

Do I need landline phone or telephone socket for this to work

No you don’t. That is the one of the benefit of this temporary internet router kit. You can basically plug it to a power source, switch it on and connect your gadgets to it through WiFi (just like a hotspot) and start accessing the internet through it. You can unplug it the next day drive to a different house or even outside (obviously not under the rain) and just plug to a power source, and start accessing the internet through it. It does not depend on landline or BT socket for it to connect you to the internet.

Can I use it in multiple locations or address?

Yes, you can order it to be delivered to one address, use it there, unplug it and take it to another address in a different UK city and still be able to plug it in and use it. You are not tied down to just using it in one address.