How to Get Temporary Internet when Moving House

Photo of couple moving home temporary internet

Are you moving to a new home and realise your broadband internet will not be ready by the time you move into your new home?

It’s surprisingly common to move to a new house or flat and have no internet access because your internet service provider has said it would take a couple of weeks for your landline and broadband to get connected. Now the question in your mind is how do I get temporary internet moving house? Or how do I get internet while waiting for installation?

This is especially true when you move into a new apartment or house that the broadband has been cut off or disconnected from the mains.

The internet solution: Get a temporary wifi internet hire solution. With a temporary internet broadband hire, you do not need

  • to get landline or telephone line
  • fixed-line broadband

to start using a short term internet. When you hire a temporary internet router while waiting for installation for your broadband/landline, all you have to do is

  • plug it to a power source
  • switch it on
  • connected your gadget to the internet router through WiFi and the wifi password printed on the router

So getting temporary internet when moving house can be the quickest option to getting back on the internet (for you and the family).


We live in an internet age where broadband connection to the internet is relevant. When you are moving house, it will take 1 – 4 weeks for your internet service provider to get your house/flat/apartment connected to the internet. So a temporary internet solution would be to hire an internet router that does not need landline, and you can order and receive it within 1-2 working days and get instant internet access (no installation needed) so you can work from home, stream moves online, listen to online music, play games or enable your children study at home or pay games online.

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