How to get Short Term internet hire solution

Are you looking to get a short term internet solution? There are several reasons people would need to get urgent internet access that is quick to get up and running without needing landline or configuration.

You might need the short term internet to

  • get internet access in your home while you wait for your internet service provider to install your home broadband internet
  •  get wifi in new house you have just moved into or planning to move into
  • get temporary internet to use in a short let
  • get internet for temporary accommodation
  • or even get temporary wifi for events you are hosting

Are you on a short term tenancy agreement or just moved into a new home flat/apartment/accommodation with no internet access available?

A quick solution would be to

If you have multiple occupants/renters/tenants in your rental building accommodation and need need internet access for everyone in the building, then you can