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تسليم & Local Collection

Delivery Cost £8.99
We aim to deliver packages 1-3 days before the start of hire date. Delivery takes around 1 إلى 2 workings to arrive at delivery addresses.

Free return postage to return the device back to us at the end of your hire

Next Day Delivery Cost (For Urgent orders) Still the same as our standard delivery £8.99
Need device within 24 ساعات? order today before 3PM U.K time(Monday-Friday), والجهاز سوف يتم تسليمها باستخدام “القادم يوم عمل التسليم” service. Late/Last minute orders are normally dispatched through a “Next Working Day” delivery service.
How long does it take to deliver Late orders that are automatically upgraded to “Next working day” delivery would be delivered the next working day through Royal mail dispatch/delivery service.
For orders placed
Monday to Friday: before 4PM(الوقت في المملكة المتحدة),
– يوم السبت: قبل 11:00 .
If you need it within 24 ساعات, please email us (نحن اعادتها عادة في غضون 1 – 2 hours during office hours)

Email us info@wifihire.co.uk if you have any questions
What if I’m only spending 1 night at my first hotel/address لا يهم كم من الوقت / عدد الأيام التي سوف تنفق في السكن الخاص, we always aim to have the package arrive at your accommodation 1 day before you arrive there (for customers that orders 3 working days or more in advance). إذا كنت من أجل أقل من 3 working days before your start of hire date, we would still aim to get your package to your delivery address by the start of your hire(start of hire date you selected) possibly through a next working day delivery service (this is done as standard, you don’t need to pay extra).
Where can you deliver to? We deliver to “Any”(Yes Any) delivery address in the United Kingdom (it does not matter if its a hose, شقة, نزل, B&B or even an office)
كيف أعود الجهاز. وتتضمن حزمة مظروف البريد العودة,en (دفعت بالفعل من قبلنا) that you can use in posting the device back to us just by popping it into “any” post box in the U.K before you depart for the airport. يرجى بعد ذلك قبل مغادرتك للمطار لأن صناديق البريد في المطار فقط يقبل المغلفات مسطحة (لأسباب أمنية). هناك صناديق البريد الحمراء في كل شارع تقريبا في المملكة المتحدة, لذلك يمكنك وضعه في أي صندوق بريد قبل أن تذهب إلى المطار.
Do I Sign? Where possible a signature is obtained.
What if I’m not in? If you would be staying at a hotel/hostel, the package would be reserved at the reception of the hotel/hostel. إذا كان عنوانك هو عنوان المنزل او عبر Airbnb,,en,السائق قد يترك النشرة مع تعليمات حول كيفية جمع حزمة من مكتب البريد المحلي,,en,عادة سيرا على الأقدام,,en,الاثنين - الجمعة,,en, the package would be passed through the letter box. But if it can’t fit into the letter box, the driver may leave a leaflet with instructions on how to collect the package from the local post office (normally a walking distance).

Email us info@wifihire.co.uk if you have any questions

Airport Pick-up option & Pickup from Local Storage location? We can deliver your package to a selected number of local storage service companies. Sending and processing this option can take up to 3 working days. يتم إضافة 8.99 جنيهاً للتوصيل في مرحلة الإعارة لتغطية تكلفة تسليم الجهاز إلى نقطة التجميع,,en,يجب أن يتم الطلب عبر موقعنا الإلكتروني قبل أن يتم تحصيله من أي من نقاط الجمع,,en. Here are the location of the current storage service companies we use (Order needs to be made through our website before it can be picked up from any of the collection points)

Heathrow Airport hire collection: Heathrow Terminal 3 post office, London Heathrow Airport (OPENS 7AM – 17:30PM: Mon – Sat)
Gatwick Airport collection(Outside the Airport):Martins Store & Post Office, Unit 4, Consort Way, Horley, Surrey,RH6 7AF (OPENS 8AM – 18PM: Mon – Sat)
King’s Cross Station collection: Post office, 17/21 Euston Road, London, London, NW1 2RY (OPENS 9AM – 18PM: Mon – Sat)
Euston Station collection: Post office, 17/21 Euston Road, London, London, NW1 2RY (OPENS 9AM – 18PM: Mon – Sat)
London Victoria Station collection: Post office, 6 Eccleston Street, London, Greater London, SW1W 9LS (OPENS 9AM – 17:30PM: Mon – Sat)
London – Paddington Station collection: 33 NORFOLK PLACE,LONDON, W2 1QH (OPENS 9AM – 7:30PM: الإثنين – Sat)
Manchester Airport: Manchester Airport Terminal 1 – Arrivals Hall, Manchester Airport, مانشستر, M90 3NU (OPENS 8AM – 18PM: Mon – Friday)

Email us info@wifihire.co.uk if you have any questions or would like to pick up from other local areas

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