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4G Wifi internet Hire service – Fast portable broadband

4g无线网卡INTERNET租赁服务 - FAST便携式宽带

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  • £ 0.00
  • 请选择您希望聘请该设备的天数
  • 日期格式: DD MM削减削减YYYY
  • 如果你是住在一个酒店, 请在预订房间使用的名称.
  • 您的酒店, B&B, 旅馆, 在英国的私人房屋或公寓送货地址,,en,24-30Mbps速度,,en.
  • £ 8.99

Need fast internet access while in the United Kingdom (英国, 苏格兰, 威尔士和爱尔兰,,en,你可以用它来访问,,en)? 你可以雇一个wifi上网设备连接多达 8 gadgets to the internet at the same time. Connect wifi enabled gadgets like Laptop, 智能手机 (例: Iphone, 三星), 苹果, 个人计算机, tablet and access the internet while in trains, cars, coaches, 公共汽车,the park, your hotel, office or at home in the UK. 4G wifi has speeds of up to ten times faster than 3G.
Need internet within 24 小时? Order today before 3PM U.K time(Monday-Friday), and the device would be delivered to your UK address by the next working day. Last minute orders are normally dispatched through “下一工作日” delivery service.
Have a question? 给我们发电子邮件: info@wifihire.co.uk

  • Portable wifi dongle/device
  • USB cable for charging the device
  • 电源插头穿墙/电源插座充电
  • 便携式电池 充电器 (充电装置在移动时).给你 24 小时续航
  • Guide and frequently asked questions printed and included
  • 免费退货邮资信封 (已支付的我们)
  • 连接到互联网,而你是在移动, 在公园或室内
  • Fast 4G mobile broadband internet. 大约每秒速度14-30Mb( approximately 8 比3G快X)
  • 2对于GB数据 1 – 7 天租用, 6对于GB数据 8 – 20 天租用, 30GB 数据 21 days or more hire. 你可以得到更多的数据,如果你完成你的数据.
  • Delivered to any address in the U.K (hotel, 房子, 公寓, Airbnb, hostel office)
  • Need device within 24 小时? 为了3PM U.K时间前(Monday-Friday), 并且该设备将使用“次日达”服务交付. 晚/最后一刻订单通过“下一个工作日”送货服务正常出动.
  • Staying only 1 day/night in your first accommodation/hotel? that is fine. Package normally arrives at any U.K address 1 到 3 days before the start of hire date (when you order at least 4 working days in advance).
交货速度 - (如何快速的交付,en ?) 标准运送: 作为标准, 我们的目标是为客户提供一揽子的WiFi 1 到 3 days before your start of hire date(至少在接到订单 3 working days before start of hire date) 延迟订单: 晚/最后一分钟的订单都升级为“翌日”送货服务 (周一 - 周六), so it arrives around 24 hours time.
该包装包括一个返回邮资信封,en (已支付的我们) 你离开机场之前,在张贴的设备还给我们只使用通过弹出它变成在U.K“任何”邮筒,en. 请张贴您前往机场前,因为邮筒在机场只接受平信封 (出于安全原因). 有红色的邮筒上,几乎每条街道在英国.

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