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4G Wifi internet Hire service – for Business, Exhibition or holiday trip

Need fast 4G internet access during your Business, Exhibition or holiday trip to the United Kingdom? You can rent a wifi internet device to connect up to 10 of your devices to the internet at the same time. You can connect your wifi enabled gadgets like Laptop, 片剂, 智能手机, 苹果. 你可以用它来访问互联网的列车,而 (on the go around the U.K), 在汽车 (while travelling/been driven around the U.K), while on a coach/bus,in your hotel or even in a house while in the uk.有一个问题? 给我们发电子邮件: info@wifihire.co.uk


  • 4G fast Wifi internet access device that can fit into your pocket with in-built rechargeable battery that can last for up to 12 小时. before needing re-charge
  • Small and portable device that you can easily carry with you (around:10 grams)
  • 连接到互联网,而你是在移动, 在公园或室内
  • 您可以连接高达 10 设备连接到互联网的同时
  • You would get 2000MB of data for 1 – 7 天租用, or 6000MB of data for 8 days or more days hire (You can get more data through your device if needed)
  • 可以提供给任何U.K酒店, 房子, 公寓, 宿舍或办公室
  • Need the device in 30 hours time? That’s fine, 我们可以在提供设备给你 24 到 30 小时 (during the weekday. 有一个问题? 给我们发电子邮件: info@wifihire.co.uk)
  • 来回邮费信封 (已支付的我们) 发布设备还给我们.
  • 有一个问题? 给我们发电子邮件: info@wifihire.co.uk

43G上网路由器套件出租 - for events and Business

  • £ 0.00
  • 请选择您希望聘请该设备的天数
  • 如果你是住在一个酒店, 请在预订房间使用的名称.
  • 请提供住宿地址. It can be any hotel, B&B, 旅馆,office,英国私人房屋或公寓. 如果其在U.K, 我们将提供在那里.
  • £ 11.99
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