How to get wifi internet for my event?

Planning an event could be tasking; from making sure to send out invites to all the invitees, to making sure all things have been set up properly.

However, no one would want to have an event without wifi internet for smooth presentations or making guests feel comfortable by being able to access the internet and sharing live videos and pictures on social media.

When getting wifi internet for your event, you would need a device which;

  • Connects over 30 devices to the internet at the same time for your guests.
  • Is easy for you to connect by just plugging to the socket.
  • Work with wifi enabled devices like desktop, iPads, laptops, payment kiosks , printers, phones, e.t.c
  • Super fast mobile broadband internet (speeds of up to 60 Mbps*)
  • 250 meter radius Wi-Fi distance
  • Unlimited internet Data

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