How to get temporary internet access when moving Office

When moving from your old office to a new office, work gets interrupted and tends to slow down due to your broadband internet provider stating that it would take some weeks before the internet would be installed in the new office. This could be frustrating because all correspondence that is to be made via email would be placed on hold.  Now the question in your mind is how do I get temporary internet moving office? Or how do I get 1 week or 1 month internet while waiting for installation? But what if we tell you that Wifi Hire UK has got you covered.

Our Unlimited internet Office Router device have the following features;

  • gives you unlimited access to the internet
  • can connect over 30 gadgets
  • has 250meter radius of wifi connection between device and gadgets
  • Just plug to a power source, Switch on and connect(that is it). No Landline needed.
  • Works with any wifi enabled device like desktop, iPads, laptops, payment kiosks , printers, phones, etc.
  • Super fast mobile broadband internet (speeds of up to 60 Mbps*)

Get your work going without internet installation interruption, you can hire a temporary internet from us.