How to get Temporary WiFi internet?

How do I get Temporary wifi Internet in the UK?

It’s common to have no wifi internet at your home at some point. This is especially true when you

  • move into a new apartment.
  • temporary travel to the United Kingdom (UK) for holiday and need to buy wifi for a day or more
  • temporary travel to the UK for education and require temporary wifi
  • travel on a business trip within the UK or Europe and need temporary wifi

While the obvious thing to do is to signup with an internet service provider (ISP) if you have recently moved to a new accommodation, this might not be the fastest way to get back on the internet and use Wifi.  Internet service providers, broadband solution companies can take as much as 2 to 3 weeks to get your home connected to the national grid. So the question is

  1. how do you proceed to get temporary wifi internet for your new office or home as you wait to have a permanent internet connection?
  2. or how do you get temporary/short term wifi internet broadband if you are only staying for a short term/temporarily in the flat/home/accommodation you have rented?

Nearby Places with WiFi Connectivity

To start with, you can use nearby wifi internet connections temporarily as you wait to have your wifi internet fixed. There are various places where you can access temporary solutions to the accessing wifi internet either for free or at a small fee, and in places near your house. These include the following

  • Free wireless internet from nearby eateries including fast food and coffee shops.

  • broadband Wifi in a gym or other fitness club near your home.

  • broadband Wifi internet in a library

  • Free wireless internet from a local college or university

It’s worth noting some of the above places have Wi-Fi that’s specifically for customers. These are free but you may have to part with a few cents i.e. buy a cup of coffee at the coffee shop and use their Wi-Fi and they may not be secure because anyone(including hackers) can also access the free internet without restrictions. Some Cities have Free W-Fi for the public in some specified locations. Check if there’s any free Wi-Fi connectivity near your home.

Hire a temporary WiFi internet dongle (Portable internet dongle) or temporary internet router

You can buy wifi for a day or event a month by renting a  portable internet wifi internet device with unlimited data to use while you wait for your wifi internet service provider to get you connected. A temporary wifi internet device is easy to use both indoors and outdoors (just switch the portable internet dongle on and connect to it through wifi just the same way you connect to a hotspot).


Or you can hire a temporary internet broadband router kit (does not need landline) that gives you internet right out of the box. Just connect it to a power source, switch it on, and that’s it, you can connect your gadgets to the internet through the router (log in details are included in the package). At the end of the hire, you can post it back to using the return postage box/envelope included in the package.

Event and business wifi hireHire a temporary internet router kit

connects you to the internet from day 1. Wifi for a day or more. Ideal short term broadband unlimited internet solution


Your Smartphone’s Internet

The above option includes moving out of your house. It’s possible that these places may not be near your home, or you prefer not gong out of the house. Well, your smartphone’s internet could be the ideal solution for you. This involves creating a connection between your smartphone and personal computer to enable you share your mobile internet.

Doing this isn’t difficult and doesn’t require any special hardware or software. You can turn on your mobile phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot and share the internet to your computer. Similarly, you may use a USB cable to connect your mobile device to your computer then turn on USB tethering to enable the transfer of internet through the USB cable.

Seeking Help from your Neighbors

What do you do if the above options are not available to you? The only solution left for you could be to consider asking your neighbours for help in getting temporary wifi access. Find out what neighbours have WiFi internet connectivity at their homes and approach them to explain your problem to them. Let them know of your intentions to use their Wifi internet on a short term internet access .

While doing this, it’s important to note that not everyone may be willing to help give temporary wifi internet to anyone. However, if you explain yourself well, chances are that they will help you out (given its just a temporary wifi access). Consider taking a small present, maybe cookies, or offering to cover part of the cost.


A lot of things now are done through the internet, which makes it extremely vital to have it installed at your home. However, having the installation completed after you move into a new home might take some time. This article has detailed the available options to have temporary wifi internet as you wait for yours.