How to get Student Accommodation internet -Temporary internet hire service

Are you a student or a landlord looking for a temporary internet broadband solution for a student let or studdent accommodation ? You may not want to get tied-up with a long term contract internet broadband and prefer to just get unlimited data internet to be used for a few months or a few weeks.

You can

  • Hire a Portable internet device with unlimited data: This wifi internet device comes with unlimited data download. It’s suitable for students who want to hold on to their unlimited internet access both in their accommodation/short let apartment/student let and still use the unlimited internet as they go around their campus or even travel into town/the city.
  • Hire a Home internet broadband router kit : This short term internet broadband rantal service is suitable for student lets/ short term HMO where multiple tenants in the building needs access to unlimited data internet. Landlords can get hire this router kit which does not even need any technical ability /configuration to have it up and running. And you do not need to have a landline service. All you do is plug it to a power source, switch it on, and that is it, you can access the internet through wifi. No long term contract needed! Hire a quick internet access router now

Collage and university students require fast internet broadband for their studies, online research, catchig up with course/class mates and remote class room/lecture with their University. Apart from studies, students just like any other accommodation or short let tenant enjoys having to stream movies, videos, have video comference/meetings/catchup with friends and play games, amoungst other things.  So it is idea for loandloads to provide unlimited data internet for their student tenants staying in their short let accommodation or private hostel building.

This is where a quick solution without having to get tied up with long contract come in very useful, as you can hire the internet router just for the period that you need it for.