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如何在英国获得Pocket wifi租赁

You can Rent a pocket wifi and stay connected everywhere in United Kingdom through . There are collection/delivery options available

How to rent UK Pocket wifi for delivery to your U.K address

You can hire a portable pocket wifi internet access device to get delivered to any address in the United Kingdom. This can be a house, 旅馆, hotel, air BnB or even an office.

The hire pages have the prices displayed above the hire form. So you can select the number of days that you wish to hire for, and the price above the form would automatically update. This enables you to see rental price for the number of days you selected.

Then provide your

  1. start date: This would be the date you want the internet device hire service to start
  2. name: The package would be reserved or delivered under that name
  3. delivery option: For airport or local collection, you will select where you wish to pickup the device from. But for delivery option, you would provide the U.K delivery address. The package would be delivered there 1 到 3 days before your start of hire date. If you are placing the order late(例 1/2 开始日期前几天), that is fine, the package will still arrive there on time because packages are dispatched through a next working day delivery service for late orders.
  4. email address: your order/hire confirmation email would be sent to this email

The rented travel pocket wifi to be delivered to your UK accommodation or your collection point.

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