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How to get Internet Wifi solution for event

Are you running an outdoor event and need a temporary wifi for your event? or are you looking to get portable wifi for events? Then look no further.

You have the following options

Hire a Portable internet device with unlimited data

This portable wifi for events device comes with unlimited internet data download. It’s suitable for event companies, small businesses who want to hold events and on the look for event wifi solutions to give their clients, customers unlimited wifi internet access solution at their event, popup location or business location.

Hire an event wifi internet broadband router kit

This short term event wifi internet rental broadband service is suitable for event wifi companies needing to setup wifi internet solution that allows connection of up to 64 gadgets/devices to the internet . You do not need to have a landline service. All you do is plug it to a power source, then switch it on, and that’s it, you can access the internet through wifi router. No long term contract needed! Hire a quick internet access router now

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