How to get internet for 6 months

There are several reasons you may want to get internet for 6 months or less. You can get internet for 6 months by hiring a temporary internet device.

Finding a plan for exactly 6 months might be a challenge because most internet providers tend to have 12 months, 18th months or 24 months contract which ties you down with them for that period. But here are two options to get internet for six month or less:

  1. How to get 6 months internet for home: You can hire a temporary broadband internet kit for home. This service allows you to hire for 3 days, for weeks, hire internet for one month or even for 6 months or more (if you want to) without the commitment of being tied down to a contract and no landline needed (broadband no contract no line rental ! ). It’s also easy to use, just plug to a power source, switch on and connect your gadget to the temporary broadband device to start accessing the internet. If you prefer, you can hire for a few weeks, and extend the hire before the end of hire date. This is unlike traditional contracts that lock you in for a minimum a year or more. This provides flexibility if you only need internet for 6 months.
  1. How to get Short-Term for outdoors and when you are out and about: A portable wifi internet has an inbuilt battery and is small enough to fit into your pocket, hence the nick name pocket wifi. It works with a similar technology phone use is accessing internet through a data network to provider. You can hire a pocket wifi internet device for a few days, get the internet for one month, or even six months or even more. Just switch it on, connect any of your wifi enabled devices to it and start accessing the internet
  • Data usage limits: These 1 week/six month internet hire devices come with unlimited data(no daily limit) , so you can stream movies without worrying about extra charges.

Whichever option you choose to get from the above, you don’t have to worry about setting up because they easy to use and no technical knowledge is needed to start using them.