COVID-19更新: 当社の無線LANレンタルサービスは通常どおりに実行します. 任意のイギリスに拠点アドレスに作られた納入
Voice message Number: (+44) 08432892219   | メール: (ファスト返信)


    • Order a portable internet device on
    • We receive your order and confirm your payment & delivery of your device.
    • Mobile internet device gets deliverd in advance to your hotel, B&B, hostel or private/rented house(where ever it is in the U.K, if it has an address, we can deliver your package there)
    • Receive your wifi package

Collect package from reception of your hotel, B&B,ホステル, office where it would be reserved under your name. If you are staying in a rented flat,house or private accommodation, the device would be posted there for you to pick-up on arrival. Questions? 私たちにメールで知らせる:

  • At the end of your stay, you post the device back to us by using the FREE postage envelope that is included in your package (No need to go to the post office, you just pop it into any U.K post box before you depart for the airport).
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