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Get wifi hotspot in London

Looking for how to get wifi internet hotspot in London? You can hire (rent) an internet hotspot device to access the internet while you are in london. You don’t need to install any software, just use the usename and password that would be provided to securely connect to your own private hotspot that you can take with you around the U.K and remain connected to the internet.

This is what you get

  • Portable/mobile hotspot dongle (easily fit into a pocket or bag)
  • connect your smart phone (例: iPhone, 三星, android phone, 黑莓, e.t.c)
  • connect your tablet (例: iPad的, 点燃, 三星, e.t.c)
  • connect your wifi enabled laptop, iMac, desktop or notebook
  • use it on the go, 在家里, 在你的酒店, in your hostel, in your rentel flat/house or even in the office.
  • Affordable daily rate


Hotsport internet device rental options

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