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Author archives: Tina I

How to get wifi internet for my event?

Planning an event could be tasking; from making sure to send out invites to all the invitees, to making sure all things have been set up properly. However, no one would want to have an event without wifi internet for smooth presentations or making guests feel comfortable by being able to access the internet and…

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Are you thinking of how to access free wifi public internet?

Free public internet access is whereby the general public in a given area where it is located can access the internet freely through wifi or cable. This could serve as a blessing in disgust when you urgently need that emergence internet to send that important email. However, this could turn out to be a disaster…

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How to get temporary internet access when moving Office

When moving from your old office to a new office, work gets interrupted and tends to slow down due to your broadband internet provider stating that it would take some weeks before the internet would be installed in the new office. This could be frustrating because all correspondence that is to be made via email…

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How to get Wi-Fi on holiday UK

The long awaited summer holiday is here again, when we enjoy the beautiful sunset at the beach and also go for that summer holiday you and your family/friends have been looking forward to.  Most times people end up cancelling their holiday trip due to lack of uk holiday internet for work. But guess what, you…

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You don’t need to have piled up work waiting for you after your holiday, just because you are traveling for Christmas holiday. Christmas is one special season we all want to spend with our family and friends. However, we tend to come back to so much office work after the Christmas holidays. We all love…

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