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4G wifi internet rental hire uk - 希思罗机场


需要在英国,同时可快速访问互联网(英国, 苏格兰, 威尔士和爱尔兰,,en,你可以用它来访问,,en)? 此租用无线互联网设备和连接最多 8 设备连接到互联网的同时. 像连接笔记本的wifi功能的设备, 智能手机 (例: Iphone, 三星, 华为), 苹果, 个人计算机, 平板电脑访问互联网,而在火车上, 在汽车, 教练, 公共汽车,在公园里, hotel, office or at home while in the UK. 4G wifi has speeds of up to ten times faster than 3G.

What is included in the package
  • Portable wifi dongle/device
  • Plug for charging from a wall socket & USB charging cable
  • FREE 便携式电池充电器(为 7 days or more hire)
  • FREE 来回邮费信封
  • Access internet on the move, outdoor or indoors
  • Speed of 14-60Mb per second Fast 4G mobile broadband internet
  • 1 – 7 天租用: 2000MB数据, 8 days or more hire: 6000MB (6GB). You can activate more data through the device if your data finishes.
Delivery of device ( 如何快速的交付,en? )
  • Delivered to any address in the U.K (hotel, 房子, 公寓, Airbnb, hostel office)
  • Need device within 24 小时? order today before 3PM U.K time(Monday-Friday), 并且设备将使用,,en,次日送货,,en “Next Day Delivery” service. Late/Last minute orders are normally dispatched through a “下一工作日” delivery service.
  • Staying only 1 day/night in your first accommodation/hotel, that is fine. Package normally arrives at any U.K address 1 到 3 days before the start of hire date (when you order at least 4 working days in advance).

发货速度 – (如何快速的交付,en ?)
标准运送: 作为标准, 我们的目标是为客户提供一揽子的WiFi 1 到 3 days before your start of hire date(至少在接到订单 3 working days before start of hire date)
延迟订单: 晚/最后一分钟的订单都升级到,,en,明天,,en,送货服务,,en,所以到达各地,,en “Next Day” Delivery service (Mon – 星期六), so it arrives around 24 hours time.

Specification of device
  • 便携式设备,你可以很容易地与你和足够小,随身携带,以适应了裤兜 (重量:10 grams approximately)
  • 最多可连接 10 devices/gadgets to the internet at the same time
  • 6 hours of continuous browsing, fifty hour standby time (when fully charged)
How to Return Device 该包装包括一个返回邮资信封,en (已支付的我们) 你离开机场之前,在张贴的设备还给我们只使用通过弹出它变成在U.K“任何”邮筒,en. 请张贴您前往机场前,因为邮筒在机场只接受平信封 (出于安全原因). 有红色的邮筒上,几乎每条街道在英国, 所以你可以把它放到任何邮筒前,你去机场.
Delivery of device ( 如何快速的交付,en? ) Something small enough to escape casual notice.
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